BAD NEWS! Backseat Driver guitarist Brian Wohlschlegel passes away, band decides to not continue without him.

Brian Wohlschlegel a founding member of Backseat Driver along with his other 2 band members including Mark Hare on drums and the Dudeman on bass. His band and friends were shocked in the loss of their good friend and irreplaceable band member. Brian recorded and mixed all of BSD's live recordings as well as naming most of the tunes as he mixed. Brian was a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, song writer, music and video producer, husband and father of his 4 boys.BSD released one cd last year and has already mixed enough music for 2 more cds which the band intends on releasing over the next year. Brian was also the main songwriter and guitarist for Dimension X and Jazz X.

Here's a link to Brians most recent solo YouTube video:

Backseat Driver

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