Bassplayer, songwriter, music producer

Dudeman is currently playing with Hanks Martin, a 3pc band who perform country, blues and rock along with specialty sets that include The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roy Orbison, Johnny Rivers, the best of the 60's & 70's along with their own cool mix of original songs. At this writing they just released their new original blues cd.

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In addition to that, the Dudeman is working on recording a full length rockin' country cd with his project called New Sheriff in Town. No release date is scheduled at this writing but hopefully this year. He may decide to release it one song at a time.

Finally Dudeman is working on expanding his YouTube video channels. His main channel is music related (Studio X Music), he does alot of bass guitar gear reviews among other things, you can check out that channel at the link below. He also has a channel with only videos from his band Backseat Driver (you can get to some of those vids from the Backseat Driver page). Another channel that has more family and animal related videos is also open to the public. If you'd like to see that, just send a request through the contact page.

Dudemans Former Bands

Dudeman has played in many of the bands below, he's only in one band from the Connecticut Compilation Record and some of the live shots are from national artists he opened up for.

Whats a dudeman?

Whats a dudeman?

Well, if you were to look it up online you might find this description:

dude man

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Dudemans Gear

Here's a partial list of the Dudemans favorite gear:

Bass Guitars: Overwater, Ibanez, Steinberger

Bass Amps: Genz Benz (Genzler), Peavey

Speaker Cabs: Genzler, Fender, Flite

Combo amps: Genzler Shuttle 6.2, Peavey Max 100

Pedals: MXR, Boss, Visual Sound, Darkglass