Concrete Sky


“I have listened over and over. This is an EXCELLENT cd! This is as good as anything out there. Sooper Dooper, Wowie! GREAT VOCALS and production, clever arrangements, lots of POWER! Gimmeeacall!! Shad O’Shea – Fraternity Records, Cincinnati, Oh. "Concrete Sky is an unquestionably talented group of musicians whose music is loaded with hooks and mass commercial appeal." - - Splash Magazine – Virginia Beach, Va. “If you like great rock guitar work coupled with powerful yet melodic vocals & injected into cool songs with creative lyrics, you're gonna dig this! Production work is also top notch!”
Nick Vodka – Seven Cities Entertainer Magazine, Norfolk,Va. "The Virginia band that’s oh so heavy." -- MOTF Switchboard , UK Great, guitar based, kick ass hard rock. Strong potential for mainstream success. Great melodic vocalist with a strong voice and range, backed by solid musicians and talented songwriters. Some of the best guitar playing to come around in a long time. Studio X Records “ Certainly a success with today's crowd! ” rattlesnakeroam El Paso, Tx
Wednesday March 10 2010 10:55 AM

YAY . . . LOL! Cool man. Did you write this song? I Love it! YA MAN SICK!!! Rob –

“ Can't really figure out who you remind me off but I like it. ” Ghost Oslo Norway
Tuesday March 09 2010 09:25 PM

“ keep on rockin, ya'll are great ” mikels5 Tucson, Az
Tuesday March 09 2010 07:13 PM

“ sweet man kinda got the old speed metal feel w/ a little southern rock and a touch of death metal ” comdriver_ky United States
Tuesday March 09 2010 06:55 PM

Hey (Concrete Sky), your songs are presented well by the vocalists - the main lead vocals have a cool, rich and powerful timbre and tone, which suits the songs well. The musicianship is solid and fitting and the production sounds good overall.

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Jazz X

Jazz X

Its says Jazz, and there is a jazz song or two on there, but really its mostly blues, jazzy blues, rockin' blues, this kind of thing. Mostly instrumental with one spoken word part (Polar Bears), a female vocal part added to enhance a song (La La La), and a keyboard generated female backing vocal part by the do-do girls (The Many Forms Of Sadness). Good chillin' or back round music, nice stuff!

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Vinyl Records

Connecticut Compilation Record Volume 1


11 Great Connecticut bands, 11 great tracks of rock, blues, new wave and pop sounds. This was a moment in history that will never be duplicated. The music scene around New Haven, Ct was a hotbed for great local bands and the big national acts always stopped by to gig there too. These records were stored away for all this time and have finally went back on sale. When the last piece of this vinyl sells out, thats it, no more will be produced, these are the originals!

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