Dan Foster has been an electric bassist since 1979. Originally from Milford, Ct., he has made Chesapeake, Va. his home since 2001. While Dan always considered himself a rock bassist for most of his career, over the past few years he has gotten into country music. Dan is currently recording his first country music cd now which he wrote entirely on acoustic guitar. Dan will also soon be releasing a recently completed recording with one of his long time music collaborators, Brian Wohlschlegel. That project is called Dimension X, a recording that has been fairly accurately described as "blue neo soul" and features the outstanding vocalist Srea Harrington along with a line up of guest studio musicians and 2 singers from outside the US.

In addition to that, plans are in the works to release another music project (already recorded) with Mr. Wohlschlegel, a rockin' instrumental jam band called Backseat Driver that also features Mark Hare on drums. This power trio has been recording together for 7 years and have accumulated somewhere around 6 cd's worth of material and has over 30 videos posted on Youtube.

Over the years, Dan has formed and played in countless bands, in 1984 he attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Ca. for a 3 month summer session. While still living in Ct., when the live music business got slow, he started a DJ business. After he moved to his current location, he opened a recording studio. He has been featured in Bass Player Magazine's "Real World" section. Dan has been on radio, television, played on major concert stages and coliseums in front of thousands of music fans and opened up for many major national acts. At the time of this writing, Dan has released 3 cd's, 2 vinyl records & 2 cassette releases (more to come this year and next).

A personal message from Dan:
"Hey Everybody! Thank you very much for stopping by my website, I really appreciate it! Please don't hesitate to drop a note thru the contact page and let me know what you think. I expect to be back out playing live again real soon so keep a look out for that. Also check out some of the music my friends and I have created over the years. There are some really outstanding songs that I'm very proud of. I'll be adding plenty more to the site as I have time so be sure to drop in once in a while.
Also, sign up on the mailing list for a free mp3 track (currently not set up yet but will be asap). Thank you so much!"