From the recording Glow

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When RJ Hembree and I were working on this in his studio, I recall us talking about it like it was our masterpiece, a complex Frankenstein construction of a possible break out hit.


Prelude to Dream Machine
-- Lyrics by Hembree / Foster

Fantastic voyage,
Takes me away
Imaginary homelands
Are where I want to stay
Waves of Paradise roll
In from the sea
Fills my space with peace
And serenity

Dream Machine

Dream Machine
Wasting time,
and the time goes by,
Stuck to the tube
and no life to lose.
One day,
Gotta get out to the scene
Who wants to see my dream machine?
"I'd like to think of a cybernetic forest,
Filled with pines and electronics.
Where deer stroll peacefully past computers,
As if they were flowers,
With spinning blossoms,
All watched over by machines of loving grace."
(Lines quoted and slightly reassembled from from Richard Brautigan's poem, All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace -1967)
Dream Machine
Dream Machine
Dream Machine
Repeat and adlib