1. Baby Naked

From the recording Every Face I Spend

Everyones seen my baby naked, you better give this rocker a listen to find out why.


Baby Naked

I heard my baby got the call from Pinups
They say they wanna shoot her in the nude, yea
For 30 gran she hit the road to Memphis,
And left me here singing the blues, yea

Everybodys seen my baby naked
Everybodys seen her in the nude
Ww dot buck naked
Her name says Misty but I know it isn’t true

I said my baby left me for another
And that he had a new Mercedes too, yea
I caught my baby sleepin with her brother
But it was something that I just couldn’t prove

Lead git

(Quiet with punches):
I seen my baby down in New York City
Wearin nothing but her high heel shoes
I see my baby lookin so damn pretty
And left me here payin on her boob job, oh no no

Everybodys seen my baby (5x)
Naked Naked Naked Naked Naked

Butt….. Ass…..Naked…………………………….yea!