1. Can U Hear Me?

From the recording Hazel Fire

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A song of love and support written by a military veteran telling her man that she'll always be there for him, even though they can't communicate through conventional means. When the songs started, I thought the birds chirping were outside my window!


Verse 1

Close your eyes
Let me know if you can hear me calling out your name
Look to the skies
The sunrays shining on you, let's you know I feel the same
Wherever life may take you or where my life takes me
Just know that we're together, we'll remain a family


Can you hear me
Calling out for you
Can you hear me
My voice will get you through
Get you through those days and nights
When you can't be in my arms
Get you through that daily fight
Until you're back where you belong
Can you hear me

Verse 2

When soft winds blow
Let me know if you can feel my lips against your cheeks
When the moons aglow
I can feel your body like you're right here next to me
I know that you're so far away that you feel you're on your own
But as long as I can take a breath, you will never be alone



I know it's tough out there now
Not sure how much you can take
But, baby, I make this vow
Forever for you I'll wait
Until the day comes that you
Can be here right by my side